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The Georgia State Patrol is investigating a wreck that killed 20 people in the 78 hours before Christmas, according to the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

The first stop of the 428 bus is West Conyers Park and the last stop is the Medical Center Marta train station. The Megabus also stops at the next station and there are two nearby landmarks. Hotel Equities (HE) has just been announced as the new location for the first hotel in the Atlanta metro area. One of our first two bus lines will take you to Georgia International Airport (GAIA) and then to Georgia Tech University in Atlanta.

Bus 426 in both directions (AM) has 15 stops from East Conyers Park and there are several other bus lines in the city. The park-and-ride location allows cities that do not have direct access to MARTA to still have convenient transit options. The commuter express bus runs Monday through Friday and includes five lines that use the hot lane of I-85. You can get a direct connection from Atlanta to Snellville with the bus lines Route 418 and Xpress (visit X pressCA). The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority also offers the X-Bus service between Conway and Atlanta, with monthly passes starting at $100.

It offers additional routes to cities throughout the subway area, including Newnan, Conyers, McDonough and Woodstock.

GA-30012 is on the timetable, but represents only selected stops and their departure times, and is connected to buses to and from Conyers. Perimeter Center stops and their locations as well as major stops such as Newnan, McDonough, Woodstock, West Conyer and the Georgia State University campus. It operates Monday through Friday, connecting perimeter in West Conyers and Conys with stops at the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern.

From there, you can receive local music and arts awards, visit Georgia State University, Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern, and the University of Georgia. Regional buses (GRTA Xpress 424) connect you to the Atlanta Metropolitan Transit Authority (MARTA) and Atlanta Public Transit (ATLtransit). The buses will drop you off at MARATA in Houston, Texas, and then continue to Atlanta, GA. ATLTransit is aware that the public buses leaving Atlanta and Conyers depart from the same time and location as the local bus lines from Atlanta.

Activities include a ride on the Swiss cable car to Stone Mountain, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline. You can also spend the day at the Georgia Museum of Natural History, Georgia State University and Georgia Southern University.

Visit the Antebellum Plantation to see the original buildings from 1783 to 1875, then hop on the free Northbound 1 shuttle bus at State Farm and take a 1940s locomotive for a three-mile ride up the mountain. The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority offers Xpress bus service from Conyers to Atlanta, with monthly passes starting at $100. You take the bus to Dunwoody MARTA station and then one of the trains to Stone Mountain or the locomotives of 1940 that take you five miles up the mountains. Xpress flies daily from Atlanta to Snellville, where passengers are picked up or dropped off in Atlanta at the end of the day and taken home.

Getting around the city is actually quite fast when you go down there, and Moovit will help you find the nearest 426 bus stops and give you a route suggestion.

This is handy when you're moving home and people are visiting or passing through, so use the Transit app and tell us how to use it when you sign in. To get step by step directions and compare fares and timetables with the Rome2rio travel planner, select the option below.

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GRTA's Xpress service is a commuter bus that offers rides through 12 counties in the Atlanta region. Embed X is a regional commuter bus operated by the Georgia Regional Transit Authority (GRTA) and Georgia Public Transit (GPRT).

Sellville is located on US Route 78, which runs west of downtown Atlanta for 40 km and east of the city of Atlanta, which is just over 20 miles away. The city is one of Georgia's fastest growing metropolises, with a number of designated bedroom communities and developing suburbs. It is the second largest city in the state of Georgia with a population of more than 1.5 million people and is an important hub for the Atlanta metro station and the Georgia State University system. The rides are provided by GRTA's Xpress bus service, which operates route by route through 12 counties in the Atlanta region and is located just a few miles from several major metropolitan areas, including Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Chattahoochee, Glynn, Macon, Cobb County, Hartsfield-Jackson and Fulton.

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More About Snellville