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He is married to Felicia and currently lives in Lawrenceville, GA with his two daughters Haley and Hannah. He has a sister, Amy, who is a school psychologist in Dalton, and a brother, John, is an assistant professor of music at the College of Music at the University of Georgia. I know Snellville is one of Georgia's most popular music cities, if not the largest in the country.

By integrating music as a medium, our students can be better prepared for the real world and have access to a wide range of career opportunities. After graduation, we help students to have a professional work portfolio that they can use to look for employment opportunities. I am also proud to offer all Snellville students an opportunity to improve their musical skills. He is also a clarinettist in the Northwinds Community Band and teaches in a studio for private clarinets and conducting students.

If you are a music student in Snellville, GA and want to improve your skills and pursue a career, the music school is the perfect place for you. If you are interested in a fulfilling educational experience that leads to careers in the medium of music, this is the right place.

Since 1985, the Atlanta Institute of Music Media has been the place where many Snellville students can broaden their horizons through their accredited music program.

To offer our music students a challenging and yet rewarding environment is a sense of achievement. We have an incredible teaching staff that will help your music succeed, whether you are a new student or an old dog who wants to learn some new musical tricks, we are here to help you perform at your best! We are proud to use this relationship to give our students the opportunity to enter the music industry after graduation.

We recognize the importance of all forms of music and expose our students to a variety of genres, including classical, jazz, rock, blues and folk. R & B uses a different form of teaching to prepare students for their future careers in the music industry.

The instrument rental program is a great opportunity for parents who are engaging their children in music for the first time. This option is a great way to test the musical waters before committing to a serious purchase. Click on this link to learn more about how to start your journey at the music school. Dr. Laura Moates - Stanley is currently the band's leader and has been a member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Public Schools and Georgia State Orchestra for over 20 years.

She has worked with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Public Schools and Georgia State Orchestra and has behaved well in her role as a member of the orchestra.

The University of Georgia, where she received her BMUS in music education, is from Blue Ridge, GA. In 2002, she was named Miss Georgia Teen and was also a member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Public Schools and Georgia State Orchestra. She was the chairwoman of the GMEA District 13 Band and was recently named one of the 50 directors who made a difference in December 2018. She is currently music director of the Georgia School Board of Education and executive director of the Georgia Music Educators Association.

She stayed in Decatur for 10 years, then found Westminster much closer to home, playing the title role in a 2009 concert at the Liberty. DeGarmo made her big stage debut as a member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Public Schools and Georgia State Orchestra. The new musical, in which Chris stars in the highly anticipated reading of "Carrie," an updated Carrie musical. After starring as Sheila for the Broadway company "Hair," where she met her future husband Ace Young, she returns to Broadway, this time as the lead actress in "Avenue Q" at the New York Theatre Company.

It is located in the heart of downtown Decatur, Georgia, just a few miles from the Georgia State University campus. It is a community of more than 1,000 residents, businesses, schools, churches and other organizations serving the city of Decaturesville and the surrounding area.

With over 150 locations nationwide, we are proud to teach young students the instrument for the first time. We have a highly qualified staff, trained with knowledge and experience, whether in the field of music or in a variety of other fields of training.

We are aware of the incredible impact music can have on a person, and nothing means more to us than seeing individuals thrive in music in the many communities we serve. That is why we make it our mission to connect people of all ages, interests and backgrounds with the resources they need to thrive through music. We offer a convenient one-stop shop and a leading provider of music education and training.

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